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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 | 4:10 PM | 0 comments


I know no one will read this so, I'm going to spill it out just a little bit itsy bitsy. As you may know (lol), I registered to my new school about 6 months ago and it was on Baekhyun's birthday. We have a good connection ohmaii. Well, it was the worst decision ever. I don't know why the environment was totally different from the one-gender-school. I mean the girls in the co-ed school is totally different. 

There are a group of diva-ish, the nerdy, the prefects, the naughty and blablabla like you watched high school drama on tv but malay version.  Quite tough to fit in. I fit in (not-so) well.  I changed everyone saw everyone knew but no one even dare to speak and say ' hey Salma, we need to talk like real talk thingy ' and make me nerve-wreck and mental breakdown. Sometimes I do need to be criticize and not that bad rumors and gossips. 

Because I want to put thing in its place. I want to reset but hey I can't .