Shadow Inside Me


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Who knows ?
Monday, June 1, 2015 | 10:40 PM | 0 comments

                  Well, I'm here again after my one year hiatus. I've celebrated my anniversary since I entered my 'new' school. Nothing change (act, a lot of things have changed including me). I cling with the boys and I admit it. I backstab my precious friend.

                  Who would call me a friend after I talk behind her back. I don't need to make it clear because I involve in that gossip. Obviously, I didn't back up you. I didn't try to stop them but I kept on hesitating the rumours. Is it true ? Why ? She treated me like there is nothing happened between us. She talk behind my back but why !?

                     I hesitated. I didn't ask. I was shocked because I know nothing and at last who lost her friend ? Oh yeah me. Thanks for me for trusting others too much //clap ma hands// I'm sorry.